Where Astral Rains Fall Eternally

by Cascadian Lightfall

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released September 26, 2018

Halcyon - All Instruments, programming, and mixing.
Kendal Monck - Sound consulting
Christopher Wolfe - Cover Artist
Christophe Spzadel - Logo Artist
Every single supporter of Cascadian Lightfall - Helping me keep this crazy ambient Cascadian metal journey alive. Thank you so much for being a part of my life.

Acknowledgements: Семён Чепинога, Nick Hasson, and Jordan Johnsson. Together we are conquering the world with quirky music, and we will never stop.


all rights reserved



Cascadian Lightfall Kent, Washington

Cascadian Lightfall is a solo project of Halcyon. It functions as the companion to Last Redoubt. It aims to bring the vibe of Cascadia into musical form through ambient electronics and black metal.

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Track Name: The Silent Specters Guide Our Way to the Land of Astral Rain
Track Name: Where Astral Rains Fall Eternally
Come, transcending torrent!
Bring, the pounding rain!
Rise, astral currents!
Forge, our spiritual mantle!
Gather, Cascadian Dwellers!
Proclaim, torrential glee!
Unite, all who would seek, where astral rains fall eternally!
Blaring bells of ringing through the storm to welcome the new harvest.
Thunderclaps are heralds that signal rainfall might.
Soon the storm will come and liberate us all.Awaken, all who would welcome the blessed rain.
Let astral dreams take flight, under fractled moonlight.
Track Name: As Divined by Spectral Poetry
Unearthly words are scattered across the oldest veil.
Bearing tidings from a land unexplorable.
Whispers, coming on the breathe of the wind.
Advise drastic deviation from the cosmic norm.
As tides and glaciers echo, lessons from the other world,
un-attuned masses blot out the voice of those who came before, bearing warning.
Crescendos of agonizing screams break like tidal waves against the blackened shores of humanity.
A slave to unheaded warnings, must our species be?
Are we a blip on the cosmic radar?

Can we learn to finally live at peace with this world?
Will future generations see the same blue skies, and laugh beneath the same trees? Or will spectral poetry be the final warning we did not heed, and lead us down a path of self inflicted eradication?
Track Name: To Walk Where Weeping Banshees Tread
Following in footsteps of an unknown spirit.
Cloaked in ephemeral pulsing lights.
As it glides gracefully through the newly drenched soil.
I hear the thrumming of mournful funeral tones.
A cloak of esoteric vapors enshrouds this umbral being from the cold.
To look upon it's face is to see the world, reflected in a mirror.
Framed in macabre intentions, and see all good and honesty annihilated in a sword of malice.
The ground under this decrepit being dies under it's feet.
Its' presence contaminates all life.
I watch in silence as t spreads its' bleak existence, and wonder if I can at all bring peace into it's mind.
Track Name: Visions of a Future That Must Not Come to Pass
Track Name: Eyes of the Eternal Mother
Mother, who gave me all!
Empress, who forged my beating heart!
Matriarch, I call to thee!
You took hold of a king, and established undisputed comradery!
Mother, who took me in her arms, watch over me through my battles!
four souls you gave to the world.
One to the divine, who holds his world in his heart.
One to fight the evils that threaten sanctity.
One to live a life of travel, and never backing down.
And one to spill music into the world as a bard with raven hair.
And should you ever march to battle, we will be there by your side.
Not only to figh beside you, but to clear the path of sundered foes you leave before you, who stood in your way.
Track Name: From One Life to Another
Track Name: The King of Sojourners
My father lead the caravans who venture across the world.
Many nights we'd travel across this vibrant land, viewing wonders far and wide that opened up our minds.
Once I saw a sunrise over a field of grain.
I remember longing to ride that road forever.
Once my father taught me about the songs of legend.
I listened to their bardic songs and set a course by his teachings!
Father, guide my way along the road of life!
Father, am I all I should be?
Father, I carry your name!
Track Name: Forever Away
Track Name: Roiling Spires of the Temple of Unconsciousness
They stand there, twisting in the night.
Haunting interwoven forms.
Scriptures in unknown writing form patterns in interlocking sigils.
A golden temple I see.
Devoid of all acolytes.
Oh Gods, let me sleep!
Let me dwell in peaceful caverns!
Temporal incense with no smoke.
A necessary evil to enter the temple.
Slowly, it's grinding chorus drowns me in, and lulls me into a slumber where I can visit lands unfathomed to the conscious mind.
One thought to enter the temple.
one thought to see the spires roil.
One mind to pass through the gates.
As projected, so will be!
As ethereal, so is real!
Esoteric writing forming haunting worlds will live on in stalwart eternity.
Track Name: Looking in Awe Upon Northwestern Moonlit Forests

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